Crypto Ataraxios


They are mischievous little creatures created by the evil Boogle Corp. as a weapon, an endeavor that backfired very badly. Now, they are everywhere, generating chaos, laughing, and farting zombie farts.

You can collect them (if they let you catch them) and your contributions will be used to fund the production of Ataraxio's Usual Zombies, an isometrical turn-based zombie warfare game where you will have to destroy the world amidst the most bizarre zombie apocalypse ever.

0 - Incubation Pod
#0 - Incubation pod

Crypto Ataraxios are generated using this device designed by Boogle Corp. Its original purpose was to raise an army of immortal supersoldiers, but it failed, and thus, an army of weird mini mayhem-oriented zombies was created, each one of them with its unique personality and homicidal tendencies.

Loves fart jokes Suffers amnesia
#1 - Ataraxio (the Original One)

He is the original Ataraxio and his putrid DNA was used by the evil Boogle Corp. to create a zombie army, with disastrous (and also funny) consequences.

Jack Ataraxington
Loves Christmas Hears jolly voices
#2 - Jack Ataraxington

A conflicted zombie with a weird past as a Halloween Dealer. Nowadays, he can be seen asking for some Christmas Joy or Easter Choco at nasty corners downtown.

Loves camping Mommy issues
#3 - Jasonaxio

A true nature lover, Jasonaxio really loves campings, lakes, and teenagers, with their soft flesh, ready to be stabbed several times while screams of terror and agony fill the air.

Edwaxio Scissorfingers
Loves patchworkCircumcised
#4 - Edwaxio Scissorfingers

A few scissors plus a bottle of super-strong glue plus a hyperactive weirdo equals a Slinky-shaped penis and a massacred body that only holds together thanks to a tight bodysuit rigged with a bunch of belts.

Loves slow motion Tyrant
#5 - Ataraxionidas

A tyrannic ruler with a spray-tanned six-pack and a weird obsession with kicking people down bottomless pits. He and his besties (299 shirtless maniacs) are well-known (and feared) for their killing-spree midsummer marches.

Loves Rubik's cubes Sadomasochist
#6 - Pinheadaxio

After discovering that exploding a box of nails with fireworks at point-blank was, maybe, not a good idea, Pinheadaxio set his pierced mind into a humble goal: take off the skin of all humans for... you know, for the lolz.

Loves pencils Sociopathic anarchist
#7 - Jokeraxio

This funny little zombie is always making people smile... just before performing a magic trick with a pencil that will surely leave a mark in their brains. After that, he just laughs... for hours.

Mr. Spockaxio
Loves Star Wars Savant
#8 - Mr. Spockaxio

One of the most intelligent beings in the Universe, he uses his mind to spy on girls in the locker room and to crash his spacecraft into random planets just to see what happens.

Loves dolls Possessive
#9 - Chuckynaxio

Extremely passive-aggressive, this zombie toy was designed to bring joy into suburban families, and to kidnap them, torture them, and set their houses on fire (batteries not included).

10 - Alexario DeLarge
Loves milk Ultra-violent
#10 - Alexario DeLarge

This intellectual lad spends the afternoons drinking milk with his fellow droogs, discussing classical music,  invading private properties, and assaulting rich people. And after an exhausting killer spree, nothing better than to watch a movie with forceps painfully opening the eyes. So classy.

More coming soon...

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